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AXPR11 Endless Belts: Metal

Poly/cotton heavy X  cloth makes it ideal for the grinding of  metals, low-carbon steel types, hard wood and leather. Suitable for  flap disc / wide belt production.





Technical Specifications


Dimensions Type Article Grit Grain Bond Packing Backing Material Weight Barcode
530 x 7594191936A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,07 kg869149941919
530 x 7594192040A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,04 kg869149941920
530 x 7594192150A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,05 kg869149941921
530 x 7594192260A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,03 kg869149941922
530 x 7594192380A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,03 kg869149941923
530 x 75941913100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,03 kg869149941913
530 x 75941914120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,03 kg869149941914
610 x 10094198924A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,12 kg869149941989
610 x 10094199036A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,1 kg869149941990
610 x 10094013740A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,07 kg869149940137
610 x 10094199150A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,06 kg869149941991
610 x 10094013860A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,05 kg869149940138
610 x 10094013980A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,05 kg869149940139
610 x 100941987100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,04 kg869149941987
610 x 100940140120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,05 kg869149940140
1150 x 10094028424A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,22 kg869149940284
1150 x 10094028736A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,18 kg869149940287
1150 x 10094028840A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,14 kg869149940288
1150 x 10094029050A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,13 kg869149940290
1150 x 10094029160A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,1 kg869149940291
1150 x 10094029280A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,09 kg869149940292
1150 x 100940279100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,09 kg869149940279
1150 x 100940280120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149940280
1250 x 10094069424A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,24 kg869149940694
1250 x 10094069836A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,2 kg869149940698
1250 x 10094069940A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,15 kg869149940699
1250 x 10094070150A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,14 kg869149940701
1250 x 10094070260A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,11 kg869149940702
1250 x 10094070380A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,1 kg869149940703
1250 x 100940689100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,1 kg869149940689
1250 x 100940690120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,09 kg869149940690
1500 x 5094088640A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,09 kg869149940886
1500 x 5094088850A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149940888
1500 x 5094088960A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,06 kg869149940889
1500 x 5094089080A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,06 kg869149940890
1500 x 50940881100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,06 kg869149940881
1500 x 50940882120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,06 kg869149940882
1750 x 5094250336A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,14 kg869149942503
1750 x 5094250450A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,09 kg869149942504
1750 x 5094250560A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,07 kg869149942505
1750 x 5094250680A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,07 kg869149942506
2000 x 5094119324A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,19 kg869149941193
2000 x 5094119736A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,16 kg869149941197
2000 x 5094119840A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,12 kg869149941198
2000 x 5094120050A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,11 kg869149941200
2000 x 5094120160A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149941201
2000 x 5094120280A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149941202
2000 x 50941188100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149941188
2000 x 50941189120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,08 kg869149941189
3500 x 5090581640A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,21 kg869149905816
3500 x 5094171150A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,19 kg869149941711
3500 x 5094171260A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,15 kg869149941712
3500 x 5090582080A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,14 kg869149905820
3500 x 10094163924A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,69 kg869149941639
3500 x 10094164136A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,57 kg869149941641
3500 x 10094164240A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,43 kg869149941642
3500 x 10094424550A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,39 kg869149944245
3500 x 10094164660A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,3 kg869149941646
3500 x 10094164780A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,29 kg869149941647
3500 x 100941636100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,28 kg869149941636
6900 x 10094203950A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,78 kg869149942039
6900 x 10094204060A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,61 kg869149942040
6900 x 10094204180A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,57 kg869149942041
6900 x 12094204760A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,73 kg869149942047
6900 x 12094204880A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,68 kg869149942048
6900 x 120942045100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,66 kg869149942045
6900 x 120942046120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,61 kg869149942046
6900 x 15094205260A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,91 kg869149942052
6900 x 15094205380A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,86 kg869149942053
6900 x 150942053120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,77 kg869149942053
7100 x 10094346836A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton1,17 kg869149943468
7100 x 10094207240A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,87 kg869149942072
7100 x 10094207350A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,8 kg869149942073
7100 x 10094207460A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,62 kg869149942074
7100 x 10094207580A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,59 kg869149942075
7100 x 100942069100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,57 kg869149942069
7100 x 12096635940A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton1,85 kg869149966359
7100 x 12094208750A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,97 kg869149942087
7100 x 12094208860A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,75 kg869149942088
7100 x 12094208980A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,7 kg869149942089
7100 x 120942085100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,68 kg869149942085
7100 x 120942086120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,63 kg869149942086
7100 x 15094210624A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton2,12 kg869149942106
7100 x 15094210736A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton1,75 kg869149942107
7100 x 15094210840A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton1,31 kg869149942108
7100 x 15094210950A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton1,21 kg869149942109
7100 x 15094211060A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,94 kg869149942110
7100 x 15094211180A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,88 kg869149942111
7100 x 150942101100A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,85 kg869149942101
7100 x 150942102120A/OResin1X Stiff Poly/Cotton0,79 kg869149942102

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